The St. Clair R-XIII School Board approved a bid to replace the junior high and high school bleachers.

The board voted unanimously Feb. 8 to award the bid to Interkal LLC and Heartland Seating with the option to reconvene if Hussey Seating Company comes back with a lower bid.

The current bleachers need to be replaced due to safety concerns.

The bids received are as follows:

Interkal LLC and Heartland Seating, $210,027;

Hussey Seating Company and Carrol Seating Company, $50,094.23; and

Irwin Seating and Mid-States School Company, $206,974.

The Hussey Seating/Carrol Seating bid does not include the cost for the high school bleachers, according to Superintendent Kyle Kruse. He noted the differences in the quality of bleachers each of the three companies produce.

Interkal brand bleachers are being used at the Edgar Murray Elementary building. Principal Beth Hill said the school has not had any problems with those bleachers.

Kruse said the Edgar Murray Elementary bleachers are self-storing due to offset handrails. He added that the current bleachers can be used until the end of the school year and have the new ones installed over the summer.

It could be possible that Hussey Seating could come back to the board with a lower bid, according to Kruse. He asked if there was a preference among the board.

“I like that we already have Interkal,” board member Craig Licklider said.

“We’re used to them,” he said. We’re comfortable with them. We’re happy with them.”