The St. Clair R-XIII School Board will hear more updates from FGM Architects at its meeting Thursday, which will start at 7 p.m. in the central office.

FGM representatives will provide new information about the planning process for facility improvements.

Also on the agenda is a discussion about a Mizzou college advisory program and an update on health insurance.

Facility Improvements

In December 2017, the district hired FGM Architects to develop design plans for capital projects, as well as a districtwide facility assessment, a districtwide mechanical systems assessment, a long-term facility plan, community engagement pieces and a detailed assessment report — totaling $37,000.

At an August meeting, traffic flow options and locations of where a new multipurpose auditorium could be built were presented to the school board.

FGM Architects Project Manager Stephen Raskin and associate Lee Bruner showed different renderings of how to reduce vehicular and pedestrian congestion along with the advantages and disadvantages of each option.

Some traffic flow possibilities are having a one-way continuous circulation, having separate traffic circulations, creating a pedestrian plaza and having a more identifiable entrance to the junior high and high schools.

In addition, the architects discussed where a 16,000-square-foot multipurpose auditorium could be located on campus in relation to the traffic flow options.

Bruner talked about the advantages and disadvantages of each multipurpose auditorium concept to the board.

This past spring, a community forum and a faculty meeting was held where the architecture firm heard ideas on possible projects and upgrades for the campus.

The district also conducted an online survey where more than 100 responses were received regarding potential capital projects. The survey results showed early support of a possible no-tax increase bond issue, which would bring in $12 million for the district to upgrade and improve facilities.

The survey asked people to rank areas of improvement they feel should be top priority, which included fine arts, parking, HVAC, security, safety and others. Comment boxes also were provided for respondents to include what projects they think the district should complete.

In the fall, there will be another community forum and faculty meeting that will feature the project concepts presented by FGM Architects. People will be able to vote, using stickers, on their favorite ones. The results from those meetings will be presented to the school board.

In November and December, the school board will finalize the project list based on gathered input, and then decide to place a no-tax increase bond issue on the April 2020 ballot.