This school year marks the second year since the implementation of the new math curriculum in the St. Clair School District.

Principals shared their experiences with the Go Math! program at last week’s board meting.

The school board approved replacing the old math program, ST Math, with Go Math! last year.

Board member Craig Licklider asked administrators if they are noticing a difference yet.

Edgar Murray Elementary Principal Dr. Beth Hill shared a comment from a fourth-grade teacher.

“During summer school, Cheri Ingle was amazed at the knowledge our students had in comparison to the year prior from Go Math,” Hill said.

“She said ‘They just know so much more than what they used to.’ So she saw a huge difference and so we applauded our third-grade teachers for that.”

Junior High Principal Eric Lause said eighth-grade math teacher Courtney Thurman told him that she’s able to teach more lessons in class and students are understanding the material better.

“She just felt like eighth-grade (students) were very well prepared for the math assessment at the end of the year,” Lause said.

At the beginning of last year, Lause added that there were struggles in sixth grade with the transition, but so far this year, things have run smoothly.

The new program aligns with both the district and Missouri learning standards. It includes MAP preparation, spiral reviews and students learn collaboration, problem-solving, and how to do multi-step problems.

Officials said Go Math! is a cohesive and consistent program that is beneficial for when students transition from one building to the next.

Melissa Husereau, director of teaching and learning, said she will have beginning of year assessment data soon to compare this year’s results with last in hopes students are retaining more knowledge.

St. Clair Elementary Principal Sande Racherbaumer said she has experienced less tears with students so far compared to last year.

“Kids were literally crying last year because they had no idea,” Racherbaumer said.

Superintendent Dr. Kyle Kruse noted that changing curriculums is an undertaking for teachers and faculty.

In addition to switching math, he said new English language arts curriculums have launched this school year, as well as new science and social studies curriculums.

“That is an audacious move in education and our folks have embraced it,” Kruse said. “We really appreciate the work you’re doing. It’s hard work and it’s a lot, but I can’t say nothing, but how well it’s going.”

The school board entered into a six-year contract with Go Math! costing $137,000.