Pound classes, a disc golf tournament, children’s car show and a teen dance are some of the upcoming events that the St. Clair Park Board approved at Monday night’s meeting.

Pound classes will take place at Orchard Park, taught by Jennifer Gratzer with Priority Fitness. The classes would be held Saturday mornings from 8:30-9:30 starting in May through October.

Park Board President Dana Collins-Messex said the cost would be $30 for a 22-week session.

Gratzer told The Missourian that participants would need to bring a yoga mat and a water bottle. Drumsticks used during class would be provided, which can accommodate 100 people.

“Everybody loves to work out outside and so we just kind of thought bringing it outside and kind of getting more exposure to the class itself would be kind of a fun thing to do,” she said.

Pound class is a “cardio jam session,” according to Gratzer, that incorporates using weighted drumsticks while doing lunges and different movements.

“It’s kind of releasing that inner rock star,” she said. “It burns tons and tons of calories, so they would burn probably more calories than they’d burn in a normal cardio session.”

Pound classes are offered at Gratzer’s studio during the week. In her classroom, Gratzer uses special lighting and a fog machine for participants to feel like they are at a concert.

“I just hope it turns out well at the park,” she said. “I hope people will buy those additional tickets.”

People can buy class tickets at city hall and should notify her when they do, so she can have an accurate head count for classes.

Spring Events

A disc golf tournament was approved for Saturday, April 20, from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. It will be put on by the Evergreen Disc Golf Club.

The purpose is to raise funds to help pay for the maintenance and upkeep of the disc golf course, according to John Dykhuizen, chief operating officer of the club.

A children’s bicycle and powerwheels show is set for Saturday, May 11, at the site of the former airport. A similar event was held last July, however for this year, Collins-Messex said children will have a chance to participate in powerwheels and bicycle drag races followed by a movie.

For the races, children will have to wear safety helmets, otherwise the event would not be covered by insurance.

Josh Fortner, JJ Da Boss’ son, introduced himself during the meeting and will help coordinate the races. Trophies and medals will be given out, according to Collins-Messex.

The cost is $5 per entry, which includes participating in the races if they wish to do so, Collins-Messex said.

She added that the park board could sell drinks during the event. The movie that evening will be shown on a 22-foot screen.

The cost of the screen is $369, but it will be used for other occasions such as the movies in the park.

A teen dance was set for Friday, April 26, from 7-9 p.m. for those ages 13-16. Entry fee would be $2 at the city hall gym.

Collins-Messex said the parks department could sell bottled water at the event.