St. Clair city officials will host a public meeting Tuesday, Nov. 14, from 6:30 to 9 p.m. in the St. Clair High School cafeteria.

City Administrator Travis Dierker told The Missourian that this meeting is a way for residents to get involved in the community, ask questions and provide any thoughts or ideas.

The meeting also is in response to the successful events that took place during the solar eclipse weekend in mid-August.

“Throughout the community, we just saw a great amount of community pride, so we just want to keep that rolling; keep the positivity in and the negativity out,” Dierker said.

The city administrator and Mayor Ron Blum will give a presentation on city accomplishments, how people can get involved in the community and other items.

Officials from different organizations are encouraged to come to present about their organization and how interested people can get involved.

“A lot of people don’t necessarily know what the different groups are and what the different groups do,” Dierker said.

There will be refreshments at the meeting.

Depending on how well this meeting will go, Dierker said he would like to have another one in the future.

St. Clair High School is located at 1015 High School Drive.