Shirley Downey reads “Meet Your Baker” by Ellie Alexander as part of the Rock-A-Thon competition at the St. Clair Library. The competition has been going on since July 8 and it is down to the St. Clair and Warrenton branches.

St. Clair Library Branch Manager Kara Bell is calling on the community to help the library take first place in the Rock-A-Thon, a Scenic Regional Library branchwide competition.

The battle to see which branch can log the most hours of participants reading in a rocking chair started July 8. After two months, the contest is down to the St. Clair and Warrenton branches, according to Bell.

More than 65 rockers have participated in the competition at the St. Clair Library. The rockers are the library’s regular patrons, Friends of the Library and newcomers, she said.

“The community has really come together to keep someone rocking and reading in that chair from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday through Saturday,” Bell said. “The minute our chair goes idle, we lose. I don’t like to lose and our community members have invested so much time into this that I really don’t want that time to be for nothing.”

The actual chair the participants are rocking in was donated by Friends of the Library President Sharon Mackay. Each branch had to supply its own rocking chair for the competition.

“It’s really neat to see patrons on a daily basis,” Bell said. “We love visiting with them and being a part of their day.”

At stake is a handpainted rocking chair, which was painted by Melissa Garber, who was formerly the St. Clair Library’s children’s programmer and is now the adult programmer for the Union Library.

“Once we win, and I say win because I have no doubt we will win, we will have the handpainted chair here at the branch for our rockers to come and sit in all yearlong at their leisure,” Bell said.

The Rock-A-Thon competition was held last year where 48 people participated at the St. Clair Library, but due to construction of the Warrenton Library, it stopped before a winner was chosen, according to Bell. The prize rocking chair was shared between St. Clair, New Haven, and Warrenton libraries.

Last year’s contest coincided with the library’s summer reading program theme “Libraries Rock.”

“It was successful and the libraries enjoyed it so much that it was decided that we would do it again this year even though our theme this year was a space-related theme, ‘A Universe of Stories,’ ” Bell said.

To sign up or for more information, contact Bell at 636-629-2546. The library is located at 515 E. Springfield Road.