The St. Clair Library came close to winning this year’s Rock-A-Thon, as the branch lost to Warrenton in the Scenic Regional competition among branches.

The battle to see which branch could log the most hours of participants reading in a rocking chair started July 8. More than 85 rockers participated at the St. Clair Library over the course of 12 weeks, according to Branch Manager Kara Bell.

“I’m extremely proud of our community and how everyone pulled together and volunteered to rock,” she said.

The branch had to admit defeat Tuesday, Oct. 1, after a time slot could not be filled.

During the competition, she added that library staff met new patrons who became regular librarygoers.

“While we didn’t have the outcome we had hoped for, I feel like we won in so many other ways,” Bell said.

“We were reminded of just how wonderful the St. Clair community is and how the people in this community are committed to making it a better place for everyone.”

The actual chair the participants sat in was donated by Friends of the Library President Sharon Mackay. Each branch had to supply its own rocking chair for the competition.

She gave gratitude to those who participated in the Rock-A-Thon.

“I’m grateful to all of our rockers and thank them for their time and commitment to this friendly competition,” Bell said. “We hope that the library will continue to be some place that everyone comes to enjoy even now that we aren’t rocking.”

The Warrenton Library won the handpainted rocking chair, which was painted by Melissa Garber, who was formerly the St. Clair Library’s children’s programmer and is now the adult programmer for the Union Library. The branch will have it available to visitors for one year.

The Rock-A-Thon competition was held last year where 48 people participated at the St. Clair Library, but due to construction of the Warrenton Library, it stopped before a winner was chosen, according to Bell. The prized rocking chair was shared between St. Clair, New Haven, and Warrenton libraries.

As for next year’s competition, Bell already has a positive attitude.

“If we have a Rock-A-Thon next year, we will bring that rocking chair home to St. Clair,” she said.