St. Clair High School in conjunction with the police department will hold a canned food drive Nov. 27- Dec. 8.

The drive will benefit the St. Clair Agape House. This year, the collections will be done with the teacher of the student’s choice, as students try to “Can Our Teachers!”

Prizes will be awarded based on the following:

By reaching this year’s goal, a teacher or administrator will shave or dye their hair or beard;

For classrooms that have enough cans to fill their doorways, there will be no class in that room for a day, which will be scheduled during second semester;

The grade that brings in the most cans will receive sodas from Police Chief Bill Hammack;

An individual student who brings in the most cans will receive a Visa gift card;

Students who brings in the most cans for each grade will get to pie an administrator or teacher of student’s choice;

Students who bring in 10 cans will receive one tardy eraser, to be used at a future date. There is a limit for the first 20 cans;

The top three donors from each grade will receive Domino’s pizza;

Faculty and staff members who bring 10 cans or $5 will receive a jeans day pass.

The goal this year is 2,017 cans. Students may submit cans to as many teachers as they would like to “can.”

If teachers would like to have a class free day during second semester, they must have 150 cans in their doorway. On Dec. 11, during advisory, Student Council members will check to make sure doorways are “canned.” Collection forms will be shared electronically

Teachers should have forms completed with student names and grades, cans brought, classroom total by the end of the day Friday, Dec. 8.

If this year’s is reached, there will have an exciting addition to an upcoming assembly.