St. Clair High Archery Team
Missourian Photo

The St. Clair High School archery team participated in the Missouri National Archery state tournament March 23-24 in Branson where some team members took home awards.

The Bulldogs competed in both bull’s-eye and 3D tournaments. The team finished 12th in the state 3D tournament. Sebastion Vitt led the Boy Bulldogs with a scored 290 out of 300 and tied for fifth place in the 3D tournament. Lily Dilks led the Lady Bulldogs with a score of 262 out of 300.

The team finished eighth in the bull’s-eye tournament. Logan Ems scored 292 out of 300 and tied for second place. Dilks scored 282 out of 300 in the bull’s-eye tournament.

By placing in the state tournament, the Bulldogs archery team qualified to compete in both the 3D and bull’s-eye tournaments at the national tournament set for May 10, 11 and 12 in Louisville, Ky.

“The Bulldog archers saved their best for the state tournament. This was the best they had scored all season,” Coach Bruce Wilken said.

“Their finish in the 3D tournament was a pleasant surprise since it was only the second time they had shot 3D all season.”

He also stated that “the Bulldogs really showed what they are capable of this year especially the Lady Dogs. They were fantastic.

“Thanks to all who have supported us this year. We look forward to representing St. Clair at the national tournament.”

A state record of 140 teams and 3,132 total archers competed at the state tournament, according to Eric Edwards, a state coordinator for the Missouri National Archery in the Schools Program.