The St. Clair Fire Protection District recently received a hefty grant from FEMA/DHS for new gear and equipment.

The Assistance to Firefighters grant was awarded in the amount of $154,177, according to a statement from Fire Chief Craig Sullivan. The fire district will match 5 percent of the grant, which amounts to $7,708.

The money will be used to replace old gear including a washer and dryer, protective clothing and fund new training for firefighters.

Having upgraded gear “will keep our firefighters safer as they perform their duties,” Sullivan said in the statement.

With a new washer and dryer, “crews will be able to maintain their gear better and reduce their exposure to contaminants that can be held in the fibers of the gear.”

Funds for training will allow firefighters to be educated on new standards in the field, according to Sullivan.

“This award is a much needed boost that the fire department needs to prepare and protect our firefighters as they protect the community every day,” Sullivan said.