St. Clair School District will be changing its K-eight math curriculum starting next school year.

Melissa Husereau, director of teaching and learning, presented a math curriculum called Go Math during last Thursday’s meeting.

In February, a math committee comprised of K-eight teachers was formed. The group developed a list of expectations to use while vetting programs, according to Husereau.

She said it was important that new math program align with district priority standards and Missouri learning standards, increase student achievement and prepare them for the MAP Test, be cohesive and consistent from K-eight, be user friendly and organized for teachers, have a technology competent, and include a spiral review.

“We looked at a lot of results from districts currently using Go Math, as well as some program research that was done by people (who) actually study and get information from educators,” Husereau said.

Surrounding school districts such as Meramec Valley currently use Go Math. Findings show that this math program increased student achievement, Husereau said.

“All of the results that we saw did show that it had an increase in student achievement,” she said.

Go Math aligns with both the district and Missouri learning standards.

“It is cross-curricular and it lends itself to a variety of teaching styles, including the math workshop model, which was very important to our elementary teachers as well,” Husereau said.

MAP preparation and spiral reviews are incorporated in the program.

“It also has a lot of preparatory nature in regard to the MAP assessment. It literally has within each unit a state assessment question, preparatory in nature, as far as what they would see on the MAP assessment,” Husereau said.

Other skills students learn from the program include collaboration, problem solving, and multistep problems.

Go Math also is a cohesive and consistent program, which are qualities lacking in the current math curriculum, ST Math, according to Husereau.

“This is something extremely important to those on the committee,” she said. “They want something that is going to give our students structure, common vocabulary, common mathematical practices.”

Go Math provides workbooks as well as a technology component.

“It has a wide range of things for a wide variety of teaching styles, but at the same time user friendly and well organized,” Husereau said.

For help with homework, there are QR codes parents and students can scan on their workbooks that will link to instructional videos, she added.

The school district will have a six-year contract with Go Math costing $137,000, according to Superintendent Kyle Kruse.

By discontinuing with ST Math, this will save money and help pay half the cost for Go Math, Kruse said.