St. Clair Mayor Ron Blum announced that the city went into executive session once last year.

He reported the news during the Monday, Jan. 8, St. Clair Board of Aldermen meeting. The executive session lasted eight minutes.

“I take pride in the fact that we do conduct all of our business in open session,” Blum said.

“I think it should be the norm for all governments in this country to discuss their business in open session. I think that’s a milestone that is hard to reach.”

Blum gave gratitude to the board of aldermen and officials.

City Administrator Travis Dierker told The Missourian that St. Clair officials on average go into executive session about three to five times a year. In 2017, St. Clair was close to having zero executive sessions, however, there was one litigation issue that needed to be discussed in December.

Topics disclosed during executive sessions include litigation, personnel records, disciplinary action, real estate, negotiations, confidential information between the government and its auditor, security plans and more, according to Dierker.

“We try and deal with (matters) in open session the best we can.

“The main thing is to keep an open and transparent government. It’s what we tried to do for the community,” he said.

For this year, the goal to go into as few executive sessions as possible continues.

“In the past couple of years, we’ve really worked to minimize (executive sessions) the best we can and talk about as much in open session as possible,” Dierker said.