The city of St. Clair is looking to repair several streets at once in an upcoming project.

City Administrator Travis Dierker discussed having chip seal surface treatments done for approximately 10 to 13 streets during the Tuesday, Feb. 20, board meeting.

The city has budgeted around $200,000 for this 2018 streets project, Dierker said. Instead of repaving an entire street, the bad areas of a street will be fixed using chip seals.

This type of resurfacing consists of having a protective coating over existing pavement. Chips or gravel will be laid down on the bad areas of streets along with liquid asphalt.

Chip seal resurfacing keeps water from damaging the pavement and fills in cracked areas of old pavement.

Instead of doing repaving one entire street at a time, the city will go out to bid for chip seal resurfacing for several streets at a time to save money, according to Dierker.

“We want to try and do as many streets as possible with the funds we have,” Dierker said to The Missourian after the meeting.

A list of streets being considered is being compiled. Which streets to consider depend on age, dimensions, traffic and current conditions, Dierker said.

The plan is to go out for bid in March and have approval from the board of aldermen in April. The streets project would be completed in early summer, according to Dierker.

Bardot Project

During the Monday, Feb. 5, board meeting, Public Works Director Jason Ivie said the Missouri Department of Transportation officials gave him and his staff direction on the left turn signal plans for Bardot Street and Neff Road.

At Tuesday’s meeting, Dierker said design plans for the left turn signals are in the final stages with the Cochran Engineering firm.

“Hopefully, we’ll have those up and operational here fairly shortly,” Dierker said.

Construction for the Bardot Street project began last July.

The project features a wider Bardot Street with a center turn lane that extends from Highway 30 south through the Edgar Murray Elementary entrance, as well as 6- to 8-foot-wide sidewalks and street lighting. The project also extended onto Neff Road.

In June, the city hired West Contracting to do the work in the amount of $650,104. In May, the city was approved to receive $400,000 in federal funds from East-West Gateway that will help pay for the project.

East-West Gateway is the metropolitan planning organization for the St. Louis region, which includes Franklin County.

The city and the St. Clair R-XIII School District have entered into a cost-sharing agreement where they will split the remaining $150,000 balance.