St. Clair city officials are considering personnel shifts to add a new detective next year.

That’s according to Police Chief Bill Hammack who said he already has met with City Administrator Travis Dierker on preliminary plans on how to use the additional funds earmarked for police salaries following the passage of Proposition P in April.

The St. Clair Police Department, along with the Franklin County Sheriff’s Department and all other municipal forces in the county, should begin receiving funds Jan. 1, 2019. Law enforcement entities will receive roughly $13,692 per officer in Proposition P tax revenue funds annually.

Hammack said an additional detective is needed, which means there would be a transfer from the patrol division to detective division and then another officer would need to be hired to replace the original transfer.

“That will leave less than $13,000 per officer. We’re going to have to calculate all the costs for an officer, which includes retirement, Social Security benefits (and) health insurance,” Hammack said.

Other costs also will have to calculated into the pay of the officers and divided up between them, he added.

These calculations will have be to finalized when city officials discuss next year’s budget toward the end of this year.

The $13,692 figure is based on the actual number of commissioned officers in Franklin County as of Jan. 1, 2018, which was is 233.5.

The amount of funds each law enforcement entity will receive will be based on that total number of officers. St. Clair had 14 officers at that time and is expected to receive $191,688 each year.

In 2017, the county’s two other half-cent sales taxes (general revenue and road and bridge) generated more than $6.3 million each.

The new Proposition P half-cent sales tax is expected to yield about the same each year.

Half of the Prop P tax will go toward upgrades and expansion of the county adult detention center and 911 facility.

The other half, or one-quarter cent, will go toward supplementing law enforcement salaries.

Half of the general revenue sales tax for 2017 was $3,197,309.

The tax will begin to be collected at Franklin County businesses in October and the first disbursements to municipalities will be in January 2019.

Prop P funds will be disbursed from the county monthly and then each agency can spend the money as they see fit, including pay raises, benefits and salaries for new officers.

A monthly report will be sent out to inform the departments what the amount they will be receiving each month.

In 2017 the monthly average quarter-cent sales tax generated was $266,442.

The highest month of revenues was October and the lowest revenues were in September.

It will be up to each individual entity to then budget the funds to cover what needs they may have.

St. Clair Missourian Editor Elizabeth Barmeier contributed to the story.