An extension was given to Poor Boyz Recycling to comply with its conditional use permit before Monday’s St. Clair Board of Aldermen meeting.

It was noted at the June 4 meeting that Poor Boyz Recycling is not in compliance with a stipulation in its conditional use permit banning outside storage, scrap metal and material on the west lot of the business.

In 2013, a conditional use permit was approved by the board. The permit allows land owners, Jerry and Virginia Landing, to operate an outdoor scrap metal and recycling center on property located in the Pipkin subdivision. The address is 685 West Gravois Ave.

The permit states that business materials are not allowed to be stored on the west lot of the primary business.

Co-owner James Woods spoke in his defense as to why the matter has not been taken care of yet.

Woods said there is not enough space on the permitted area for the scrap metal and materials that the recycling center collects.

Mayor Ron Blum said this “has been going for quite some time and there have been several notices sent to you in regards to compliance.”

Co-owner Kenneth Ochsenbine said he has not been a part of the business for some time, but wants to help resolve this issue.

“I’m asking you all if I can get an extension and take care of this myself,” he said. “There’s no reason for (scrap metal and material) to blow all over the place.

“I give you my word that if you give me a few weeks or whatever, I’ll take care of this myself.”

Ochsenbine added that Poor Boyz is a good and profitable business.

“St. Clair deserves to have an outstanding recycling center that can be good to the community,” he said.

City Attorney Kurt Voss stated his professional opinion.

“The conditions were put on there for a reason and the conditions are not being followed,” he said.

He added that it is up to the board if they want to give an extension to correct the violation.

Woods said Ochsenbine bought into the business two years ago, but he has been running Poor Boyz by himself. He added that he is still working even though he broke his back.

“I’m trying. I’m working as much as I can. It’s too much stress,” Woods said.

Blum recommended to the board to give Poor Boyz a 60-day grace period in order to see if the business can be in compliance again with its conditional use permit.

“It is not the desire of the city of St. Clair to put anyone out of business,” Blum said. “We want to see businesses grow and flourish in our community.”

After 60 days, Blum said if the business is still not in compliance, the conditional use permit will be declined.

“Mr. Woods, I think your business is vital to this area,” said Alderman Art Viehland.

“It’s needed to clean up the junk in this county. However, I drive by your business two or three times a day and I rarely see a tracker trailer being loaded with scrap going out.”

Viehland asked Woods if the 60 day extension would be enough time for materials to be removed.

“If you give me 60 days, I’ll get it done,” Woods said.

The hearing will resume after 60 days on Sept. 4 at 6:30 p.m., according to Voss.