After a few months of being open, a clothes boutique officially closed its doors last week.

Izabella & Ireland Children’s Boutique opened on Main Street in September, according to store owner Paula Wells.

“There weren’t enough customers who came in to keep the store going,” Wells said.

“We were just putting more money than what was coming in.”

The boutique offered children and teenage sized clothing. Wells said she wanted to try out a store because St. Clair is her hometown.

“Everyone loved the idea, but there were very few people who supported it,” she said.

Wells gave gratitude to her customers and to those who supported the business.

“I thank those who supported it while it was open,” Wells said. “The few people who did come in, I really, truly appreciate them for their support,” she said.

Customers will soon be able to purchase items on the boutique’s Facebook page and website at