St. Clair R-XIII School District’s Missouri School Improvement Program 5 annual performance report score (APR) increased by 6 percent compared to last school year.

Superintendent Kyle Kruse said the district scored 89.2 percent for the 2018-19 school year. The district scored 83.2 percent the previous year.

The report measures students in five standards — academic achievement, subgroup achievement, high school readiness, attendance and graduation.

Each score contributes to a total, or a percentage, of points earned.

St. Clair earned 100 percent of the points possible on student achievement and 95 percent of the points possible on student subgroup achievement, according to Kruse.

Subgroups include students in the free and reduced lunch program and students with disabilities, among others.

Kruse added that student achievement scores in Missouri were lower this year in general due to the new MAP tests students took last spring.

“Because of this, the state department created a ‘Hold Harmless’ formula for this year’s APR,” he said. “Essentially, if a district had lower scores this year, they were given some credit for having higher scores in previous years.”

Since St. Clair had higher student achievement this year, Kruse said the district did not have to rely on “Hold Harmless” for the APR.

“This indicates that student achievement in St. Clair is trending upward, and we hope to continue that success,” he said.

Graduation Rate

The graduation rate is where the district lost the most points on the APR, according to Kruse.

“In the past few years, several students had failed classes during high school and that would have kept them from graduating on time with their class,” he explained. “Unfortunately, some of those students chose to drop out, rather than go to high school for an extra year.”

With the high school’s Intensive Care Unit Program (ICU) that was implemented last fall, the number of Fs earned by students has dropped by almost 90 percent, according to Kruse.

The ICU program was created to help freshmen complete and turn in assignments. St. Clair High School is part of an ICU database that keeps track of every missing assignment among students submitted by teachers.

When a student’s name is on the list, an automatic text message and two emails detailing the assignment are sent to their parents.

Teachers will inform students of the missing assignment and they have one day to get off the list. If students fail to do so, students are then taken to the ICU room to finish their assignments.

“We believe this will keep more students ‘on track’ to graduate, and our graduation rate should quickly improve,” Kruse said.

If St. Clair had earned its full points for the graduation rate, the district’s APR score would have been 95.4 percent.