The St. Clair Board of Aldermen unanimously denied a minor subdivision plat request during a recent meeting.

Applicant Neal Kalishman with Boulder Development Corporation wanted to create two minor subdivisions to accommodate eight proposed homes. The two plats are located near North Outer Road West.

The planning and zoning commission voted against approving the request at the Feb. 25 meeting because it does not meet the minor subdivision requirements.

This request falls under a major subdivision, according to City Inspector Jeremy Crowe, because the development would require an extension of a city water line and the creation of a privately shared road/driveway to reach the interior lots from the existing North Outer Road West.

The board tabled the item during the March 4 meeting. In a letter dated March 14 from Cunningham, Vogel & Rost, P.C., the letter goes into details on the reasons why the minor subdivision plats do not meet the requirements under St. Clair codes.

During the March 4 meeting, Kalishman explained to the aldermen why his two minor subdivisions should be approved by providing definitions of a minor subdivision and a road. He also discussed a court case, City of Clinton versus Terra Foundation, Inc., and stated how that case supports the approval of his request.

Mayor Ron Blum told Kalishman that his appeal to the board did not convince him to be in his favor. Kalishman said terminology such as fronting is open to interpretation. He argued that his plats touch North Outer Road West, which is a requirement, and city officials disagree because a shared driveway would have to be built to reach the interior lots from the outer road.

Alderman Art Viehland expressed concerns about the upkeep of the proposed shared driveway and how it could later fall into the responsibility of the city. Viehland mentioned the conditions of Crabapple Road located outside the city limits.