The St. Clair Board of Aldermen Monday night approved a contract to demolish a home located off Main Street.

At a show-cause hearing March 5, 2018, the board approved an order for the property owner at 155 N. Main St. to make repairs to a building that was deemed dangerous and a public nuisance. The property owner had a deadline of Sept. 5 to complete all of the repairs.

City Administrator Travis Dierker told The Missourian that the repairs were not completed. The city received four bids for the demolition of the structure. Tubbs & Son Construction was the lowest in the amount of $19,995.

The board voted 4-0 in favor of hiring Tubbs & Son Construction to raze the structure. The building will be demolished sometime this spring, according to Dierker.

Show-Cause Hearing

Attorney Brandon Bardot, with Aubuchon, Buescher, & Goodale, LLC in Union, represented the property owner Thomas R. Schuh at the hearing last year. Schuh was not present.

City Attorney Kurt Voss said the structure on the property is a dangerous building pursuant to city code Section 6-61 and the structure is a public nuisance pursuant to city code Section 6-63.

Voss said that Schuh consented to the board ordering for the repairs to the structure on his property be made by certain dates. If they are not met, then the city can give a 10-day notice to have the building demolished.

He gave deadlines of when Schuh should have certain building repairs finished before the city can intervene. The roof was to have been replaced with permit purchased and a completed building inspection by June 5, according to Voss. A subfloor replacement, approved by the building inspector, was to have been completed by Aug. 5. All other structure repairs should have been completed by Sept. 5.

Schuh also was sent notices in 2017 by the Building Inspector Jeremey Crowe to make repairs.