A $5.28 million budget for 2018 was approved at Monday’s St. Clair Board of Aldermen meeting.

The budget, which runs from Jan. 1 to Dec. 31, is a combined total of budgeted revenues projected from the city’s six funds.

The now-approved budgeted revenue for the general fund is $2.3 million, the water and sewer fund is $1.8 million, the park fund is $164,000, the street improvements fund is $327,000, half-cent sales tax is $258,500 and the transportation fund is $285,000.

The board voted unanimously to approve the new budget, which City Administrator Travis Dierker said is once again balanced.

With the closing of the St. Clair Regional Airport, the city saved approximately $30,000 to $40,000 in its general fund.

In the budget is a infrastructure renovations, including computer and network upgrades, a $60,000 restoration project for a new roof at city hall and new flooring, and a few other items.

In addition to the renovations, the budget called for a 2 percent salary raise for city employees.

Specific Budgets

In the street improvements fund, $200,000 is set aside for street resurfacing and paving.

In the general fund, a total of $15,000 has been set aside to celebrate the city’s 175th anniversary next year.

Budgeted expenses for the general fund is $2.3 million, water and sewer is $1.77 million, park is $164,128, street improvements is $451,863, half-cent fund is $195,5000 and the transportation fund is $284,000.

The total budgeted expenses of all funds amount to $5.2 million and a total of $200,000 has been allocated as reserves.

Ward 2 Alderman Greg Talleur said it was impressive that the budget was balanced for another year running.

“I know it’s a time-consuming endeavor to put all of this together,” Talleur said. “Another balanced budget for another fiscal year is pretty incredible.”

A public hearing was held before the meeting for anyone to speak regarding the budget.