Construction for second sidewalk project in St. Clair will begin in a few weeks now that a contract was awarded during an aldermen meeting.

Don Maggi, Inc., was the lowest bidder in the amount of $22,420 to repair sidewalks on Hibbard Street, from Main Street to Duckworth Street, according to City Administrator Travis Dierker.

“The sidewalks are in the worst condition,” he said. “Each year, we try and do some sidewalks through town either by adding new or replacing some old.

“We had some money set aside in the budget to do some more sidewalks and so we felt those were the most imperative ones to get resolved and get replaced.”

Dierker added that Hibbard Street is on the list of streets to be resurfaced if the city is awarded a community development block grant (CDBG). The grant application was submitted earlier this year. The sidewalk project will be down regardless of the if the grant is approved

Improving sidewalks will help the city maintain its insurance score, Dierker said.

Besides landscaping work that still needs to be completed, Don Maggi, Inc., recently finished the Sara Jane Lane box culvert project. The project involved the replacement of the metal pipe culverts with a concrete box culvert on Sara Jane Lane. The previous pipes were rusting and the road had started to fail.

Don Maggi was the low bidder at $122,491.92 for the Sarah Jane Lane project. The cost of the project was budgeted for this year.


The city applied for a $500,000 CDBG administered through the Missouri Department of Economic Development in May. City officials will find out if the grant has been awarded by the end of this month or early October, according to Dierker.

The grant would help pay for repairs and resurfacing portions of Orchard Drive, Kitchell Avenue, Hibbard Street and Ridge Avenue. To repair and resurface Kitchell Avenue, the cost is approximately $85,000, the cost for Hibbard Street is approximately $190,000, the cost for Ridge Avenue is approximately $200,000 and the cost for Orchard Drive is approximately $97,000.

The total cost of the project is $697,027 and the city would pay a $197,027 match, if it receives the grant. The project would benefit a little more than 51 percent of low- to moderate- income persons, which is an application requirement.

If awarded, the goal would be to start the bidding and construction in the summer of 2021. The awarded funds would need to be spent within two years.

In April, engineering firm Cochran was hired for $95,762 to help with the CDBG application process, provide services for the design plans, bidding and construction phases of the roadwork.

There are three phases of the agreement and the first payment is approximately $5,000. If the city is denied the grant, the a city would get a refund from Cochran.

Downtown Washington Inc. was hired in May to also assist in the grant application process, keep track of the paperwork involved and other administrative services in the amount of $20,000. If the city is not approved for the grant, those costs also will be waived.