From One Heart to Another

St. Clair Junior High students recently donated $200 to the American Heart Association. The pictured students organized a fundraiser last week to spread awareness and help others. Front row, from left, are Joey Jesionowski, Rebecca Richardson and Hope Jackson. Pictured in the back row, from left, are Arizona Black, Jen Rogers with the AHA, Autumn Morgan, Hannah Thacker, Shelby King and Advisory Teacher Karen McKee.

St. Clair Junior High students “warmed” their teacher’s heart by raising funds for the American Heart Association the week of Valentine's Day.

Karen McKee’s advisory class is known as Awareness Day Leaders. She said her class picks an important date to commemorate each month.

In time for Valentine’s Day, the six junior high students organized a fundraiser for the American Heart Association. McKee said her class presented ways to raise funds to Principal Eric Lause.

The week of Valentine’s Day, all junior high students could donate $1 to wear a hat one day during that week and all teachers could donate $1 to wear jeans throughout the week. In addition, students wore pajamas, red and school attire to promote heart health throughout the week.

McKee’s students “came up with exactly what they wanted to do,” she said.

“I thought it was cool that they made a presentation (for) Mr. Lause to get their ideas across.”

A total of $200 was raised; $100 by teachers and $100 by students, according to McKee.

“It warmed my heart that everyone came together and made that donation,” she said.

Next month, McKee’s class will organize a way to recognize National Read Across America Day. In October, her advisory class sold “boo” Tootsie pops to students, which raised $85, McKee said.

Those proceeds will go toward supporting the class’ National Read Across American Day campaign.

McKee’s advisory class consists of six girls.

“It’s a small group, which is kind of nice because we can really have good conversations and we all get to express our ideas,” McKee said. “It’s a good group of girls.”

Heart Campaign

St. Clair Elementary and Edgar Murray Elementary schools will be collecting donations for the Jump Rope and Hoops for Heart campaign through Feb. 28.

So far, Edgar Murray Elementary has raised $2,342.51. Last year, the school collected approximately $400. The campaign is to raise funds for the American Heart Association.

The public can donate online at and search for Edgar Murray Elementary or St. Clair Elementary. They can also donate through the hoops/heart smart device application, bring in a money envelopment or call in a donation to the schools.