The St. Clair R-XIII School District Board members received updates on a couple of projects managed by FMB Architects.

At the Feb. 8 board meeting, Project Manager Stephen Raskin with FGM Architects showed design renderings of a new press box for the top of the high school football stadium home bleachers. The former press box was demolished in December due to structural issues.

The new press box will consist of three levels: a bottom storage unit, a ground level floor for the PAs and an upstairs area for coaches, mechanical storage and more, according to Raskin.

There will be two walkways leading up to press box. One will be a ramp that connects to the driveway located next to the track to allow for handicap accessibility.

“It’s important making sure brand new press boxes are all compliant with (Americans with Disabilities Act) requirements and building codes and such,” Raskin said to the board.

If a handicapped person needed to reach the third floor, Superintendent Kyle Kruse said equipment could be moved to the ground level for them to use.

While showing a photo of a design concept, Raskin said the firm incorporated similar qualities of the old press box into the new design.

“We tried to take a lot of the character from the building that you had initially. We wanted to make sure it is branded. We wanted to make sure it was scaled similarly,” he said.

Instead of ordering pre-manufactured pieces to build the press box, the district will eventually bid out to local contractors to build the press box.

Raskin added that the firm made sure the designs are economical as possible, they meet all function requirements and the press box is “something that really demonstrates the school pride and spirit .”

The next step is having a survey crew gather land elevations and sight features of the press box location, according to Raskin. He said the firm has been in conversations with city officials about the designs.

Next month, he will present to the board the land survey information. The board hopes to approve final plans at the March meeting to then go out for bid.

Football Varsity Coach Brian Robbins added that an existing sound system and security cameras would be mounted onto the new press box.

District Facility Plan

Designing a new press box is only one piece FGM Architects are currently working on for the district. The firm was hired in December to develop the district’s facility improvement plan.

Starting next week, members of the firm, along with engineers, will be surveying the campuses to compile a detailed assessment report for the board.

Everything from buildings, windows, roofs, mechanical systems, roads and more will be surveyed, according to Raskin. The firm will also look at campus drawings to gather information and create drawings if needed.

“With that provides the foundation for us to go really to the next step, which is really all about working with your facility committees, and determining what those next steps are and what the district’s visions are for facility improvements moving forward,” Raskin said the board.

In addition to the assessment report, the firm will develop several items including a districtwide facility assessment, a districtwide mechanical systems assessment, a long-term facility plan and community engagement pieces.