Girl golf players at St. Clair High School will be able to tee off on their own team starting next school year.

The St. Clair R-XIII School board unanimously approved foreign language teacher Jeff Van Zee’s proposal for a girls golf team at the March 8 meeting.

The proposal was first discussed at the Feb. 8 board meeting, however a couple of questions needed to be answered before the board could make a decision.

President David Berkel asked if the team would be in compliance with Title IX. The Missouri State High School Activities Association responded to Athletic Director Brian Robbins’ email and said there will not be any issues with Title IX due to the district offering more sport options for boys than girls.

Since girls golf would be offered in the fall along with girls cross country, volleyball and softball, Berkel also asked if those team numbers would be affected.

“That is a tough call because you’re making kids make a choice,” Van Zee said. “I hope that everybody can find their niche.”

“In my opinion, it’s kind of the coach’s job to try get those girls excited about that program and get them to come out for your sport,” Van Zee said.

Currently, the golf team consists of both boys and girls. Three girls are on the varsity team – two seniors and one sophomore. The size of the girls team would be seven to 10 players, according to Van Zee.

A couple of parents advocated for a girls golf team and said their daughters are interested in joining. Next fall, girls will not be allowed to play on the boys team.

Van Zee’s Proposal

In his proposal to the board, Van Zee’s estimated cost for the girls golf team would be $3,550 to $5,500 per year. The cost includes a coach salary between $2,000 and $3,000, travel expenses for games between $500-$1,000, entry fees to tournaments would be about $750 to $1,000 and miscellaneous expenses ranging from $250 to $500.

For equipment, golf clubs are provided by the participants. Girls golf will be a fall sport and practices will start in early August, according to Van Zee.

District games will be the last week of September, with sectional and state the following two weeks.

His proposal states that five girls make up the varsity team. Only the varsity team plays at the district, sectional and state games. Other girls not on varsity would play on the junior varsity team.

Van Zee noted in his proposal that two meetings were held where 18 girls attended one meeting in December and 21 girls attended the other one in January.

St. Clair girls golf have the option to play against Union, Borgia and Washington schools. In the past. Washington High School has hosted a girls 18-hole golf tournament.