An ordinance that would add rules and restrictions regarding alcoholic beverages, drugs and smoking at city parks is on the agenda for Monday’s St. Clair Board of Aldermen meeting.

City Administrator Travis Dierker said the ordinance would prohibit intoxicated people and those under the influence of drugs from being at city parks, and ban illegal drugs and underage drinking and smoking.

He added that the ordinance also addresses where people can smoke or vape in parks, which has been a problem.

“We’ve had some issues in the past with cigarette butts along the spray park,” Dierker said.

The ordinance would not allow smoking or vaping within 25 feet of any buildings, pavilions, stages, playgrounds, splash park, gazebos or restrooms in any city park.

“It would also limit smoking within 25-feet around any sporting event at the parks,” Dierker said. “If there’s a soccer game or a baseball game, you can be within 25 feet of the playing field or benches.”

Alcohol, smoking and vaping are allowed when parties rent out pavilions for private events and at events hosted by the city or other organizations that have been approved by the city and park board. A similar ordinance was passed by the city of Union in November.

Minor Subdivision Request

At Monday’s meeting the board is poised make a decision regarding a minor subdivision request that was tabled at the March 4 meeting. Applicant Neal Kalishman with Boulder Development Corporation wants to create two minor subdivisions to accommodate eight proposed homes. The two plats are located near North Outer Road West.

The planning and zoning commission voted 4-1 in favor of denying the request at the Feb. 25 meeting because it does not meet the minor subdivision requirements. Commissioner Terry Gasaway voted against denying the request.

This request falls under a major subdivision, according to City Inspector Jeremy Crowe, because the development would require an extension of a city water line and the creation of a privately shared road/driveway to reach the interior lots from the existing North Outer Road West.

At the March 4 meeting, Mayor Ron Blum told Kalishman that his appeal to the board did not convince him to be in his favor. Alderman Art Viehland expressed concerns about the upkeep of the proposed shared driveway and how it could later fall into the responsibility of the city. Viehland mentioned the conditions of Crabapple Road located outside the city limits.

Facility Plan

Additionally on the agenda is a request for proposal of a wastewater treatment facility plan. Dierker said the facility plan is to evaluate items of what the wastewater treatment plant has and what the plant needs to meet the new requirements by the Missouri Department of Natural Resources (DNR).

The department is requiring upgrades including ultraviolet bulbs, a new disinfection process and more for the wastewater treatment plant. Dierker will recommend for the board to approve Archer-Elgin to develop the plan.

The firm was hired in December to gather preliminary data for the facility plan in the amount of $50,000. Those engineering services include a site tour and a study of the wastewater treatment plant, a review of prior plant reports and drawings, a review of an existing FEMA flood elevation map, a review of historical population and flow to establish a design basis;

A survey on a critical hydraulic elevations, a survey on the plant’s boundary and establish boundaries adjacent to the plant, a topographic survey of the plant, a conceptual sketch of the plant’s facilities, cost estimate of construction and project, to submit a preliminary engineer report to the city for review, and more.

Also on the agenda is a street closure request for the Show-Me Burnouts event hosted by the St. Clair Area Chamber of Commerce and an assistant city prosecuting attorney appointment.