Rep. Nate Tate

Rep. Nate Tate talks about his him on the transportation task force during a Chamber of Commerce luncheon Wednesday.

Missourian Photo

Rep. Nate Tate visited St. Clair Wednesday where he spoke to Chamber of Commerce members about recently passed business-related bills and his work on the transportation task force.

Six House bills and five Senate bills take affect Aug. 28.

Bills discussed were updates to HB 34 Uniform Commercial Code, HB 93 Workforce Training (Adults High Schools and Missouri Works), HB 130 Transportation Network Companies, HB 153 Expert Witness Rule, HB 339 and 714 Reforms to Tort Claim Settlements, HB 1194 Restriction on Political Subdivision Minimum Wage, SB 19 Right to Work, SB 31 Collateral Source Rule, SB 43 Missouri Human Rights Act & Whistle Blowers Protection Act, SB 66 Workers’ Compensation and SB 240 Electrical Contractor Licensing.

Transportation Task Force

The Transportation Task Force is “supposed to find ways to fund transportation going forward,” Tate said, as well as figure out “where we’re at right now with transportation, where do we want to be and how do we want to get there?”

There have been four meetings so far, which are open to the public.

“The public always wants to talk about just the roads,” he said.

In addition to roads, the task force is meant to discuss the rails, airports and river ports, according to Tate.

“A lot of people don’t think about the river ports, but that is actually a really huge opportunity, especially for the St. Louis area.”

“So it’s a great area for a distribution center because it’s cheaper to ship your goods from St. Louis to the East Coast than it is from the West Coast all the way to the East Coast,” Tate said.

He mentioned he is also involved with a transportation committee at the capital.

He mentioned the issues being discussed on the transportation committee including the funding for the Missouri Department of Transportation and how their funds are spent, the gas tax, vehicle fuel mileage and inflation.

Tate answered questions from the audience and stayed after to chat with individuals.