Poor Boyz Recycling is continuing its progress in complying with its conditional use agreement, according to Mayor Ron Blum. He gave aldermen an update during Monday’s board meeting.

In 2013, a conditional use permit was approved by the board. The permit allows landowners, Jerry and Virginia Landing, to operate an outdoor scrap metal and recycling center on property located in the Pipkin subdivision. The address is 685 W. Gravois Ave.

The permit states that business materials are not allowed to be stored on the west lot of the primary business. In June, it was brought before the board that Poor Boyz Recycling was not in compliance with a stipulation in its conditional use permit banning outside storage, scrap metal and material on the west lot of the business.

At the July hearing, co-owner James Woods said there is not enough space on the permitted area for the scrap metal and materials that the recycling center collects. However, representatives of Poor Boyz assured the board and Blum that progress will be made in order to be compliant.

Blum recommended a 60-day grace period and a hearing was set for Sept. 4. Another extension during the September hearing was granted due to the improvements seen by Blum.

At Monday’s meeting, Blum recommended giving the business until next spring to be fully compliant with the conditional use permit due to the ongoing progress being made.

“It appears to me that they are making strides in improving the building and working to gain compliance,” Blum said.

Alderman Art Viehland said he spoke with the Ochsenbines, the co-owners of the business.

“They’re in this for the long haul,” Viehland said. “I don’t think we’re going to have any problems.”

Poor Boyz has reopened to the public.