Plans to build an 1,800-square-foot warehouse onto the existing NAPA Auto Parts store at 910 Plaza Drive in St. Clair have been put on hold.

The St. Clair Planning and Zoning board could not approve the site plan for NAPA at the meeting Monday, Nov. 14, because the company would need to obtain a variance for the setbacks from the city’s board of adjustments.

Michael Armstrong, a representative of ATP Real Estate LLC, the company that submitted the application for the site plan, said there are plans to build the warehouse off the east side of the front of the building.

Zoning regulations require the front of a building have at least a 25-foot setback in commercially zoned areas. With the proposed warehouse, according to the site plan, the setback will be a little more than 16 feet from Plaza Drive.

The building currently has almost 5,000 square feet of retail space, 300 square feet of office space and nearly 300 square feet of dock area.

The St. Clair NAPA store is part of a chain of NAPA stores with headquarters based out of Cape Girardeau. That company currently has 50 locations.

Armstrong said the store expansion would allow more space for parts storage and open up the current building space for more retail.