A mother-daughter photography business, Megaboo Photography, is moving onto Main Street, St. Clair, with the doors set to open next month.

Owner Nicole Rekart opened a home studio in February of 2013 and that became a licensed business in 2015. For two years, Rekart said they had a studio location in Washington.

When her family was moving closer to St. Clair, she said she looked into moving her business to this area.

“I had heard the community is amazing,” Rekart said.

She added that she is looking forward to meeting people in St. Clair and the surrounding communities and finding new clientele who “loves photography as much as I do.”

About the Business

Megaboo Photography will offer photo sessions with families, children, high school seniors, newborns and boudoir. Newborn photos are scheduled on the last Thursday of each month to ensure her daughter, Danielle, is there to help, according to Rekart. She said they are both certified newborn photographers.

She and Danielle have taken photography classes at East Central College and attend yearly photography conferences, as well as mentorships, Rekart said.

When shooting a family session, she said she loves watching the connection between family members. While taking photos of high school seniors, Rekart said she will ask for their creative input.

“I love to see the emotion and their inspiration,” she said. “Students light up when they get to share their passion.”

Taking photos of newborns signifies “new beginnings, new parents, new siblings, (and) that to me is just beautiful in itself,” she said.

Rekart mentioned that she never thought she would shoot boudoir photos until a client of hers asked, and it soon became a passion.

“I fell in love with it after telling her story,” she said. “It is classy and sexy. Some people do it because they lost weight. Some people do it because they want to empower other women to do it.”

She added that she loves the stories that the photographs tell of the women she photographs.

“We recently had a cancer patient who is in remission. She told her story so beautifully,” Rekart said. “(Someone) had a battered relationship and she got out of it, so she told her story.”

“It’s just so uplifting, inspiring, empowering to have these women come to me and trust me with just a delicate situation,” she said.


Growing up, Rekart said her father’s hobby was photography and he had a darkroom to develop prints. It was not until she lost her mother six years ago that she learned the importance of having copies of printed photos.

“I found that looking back there weren’t many of myself, and my mother, and my family because you get so caught up in life and you don’t think they’re going to leave,” Rekart said.

“I’m dedicated to getting those families together and get those (photos) printed, so you always have them. I hold on the very few that I have of my mother and me.”

She added digital copies of photos do not last forever, unlike prints.

“Losing my mother was a huge ‘awe’ moment to start offering print as a full-service photography studio,” Rekart said.


Megaboo Photography is located at 15 N. Main St., St. Clair. Rekart said she plans to hopefully open Feb. 1 and clients can call to schedule appointments.

For more information, visit megaboophotography.com.