Next year may be a lean year for the St. Clair Parks and Recreation Board as far as a budget is concerned.

Board members got their first peek at what their potential 2015 income and expenditures could be late last month as Assistant City Administrator Travis Dierker went through preliminary budget numbers with the board.

“Money will be extremely tight across the board,” Dierker told board members who attended the July meeting in city hall.

Overall, the city has worked through a poor economy for several years, and it appears 2015 will be no exception. In the last couple of years, however, parks and recreation has added a walking trail, the spray pad and disc golf course at Evergreen Park.

“But you probably won’t have the money to make major improvements next year,” Dierker told board members.

Early projected park revenue for next year shows a significant increase, however, to $187,595. But that increase comes through a $38,880 grant that would help pave the walking trails at both Orchard and Evergreen parks.

That grant money for that project was not included in this year’s budget.

Dierker said the city still is waiting to see if the grant funds will be approved, but he and park supervisor Geoff Aslinger remain hopeful.

“Those trails need to be resurfaced,” Dierker said.

The majority of the revenue for parks and recreation comes from taxes. Projections list real estate, personal property and sales taxes providing about $140,000 of the overall budget.

Leases and rentals provide the other large chunk.

As far as expenses, personnel, including salaries; professional services, including 10 percent of the city’s insurance costs; utilities; and general operating and repair and maintenance expenses make up most of it.

Dierker said it’s important to note that if the trail resurfacing project grant does not come through, a capital expense line item would be eliminated that basically would cancel each other out.

The park department also has an annual payment of almost $32,000 to finance the spray pad. Next year will be the third year of a 10-year agreement.

Total estimated expenses for 2015 are $187,435.