The St. Clair Park Board approved the purchase of a new outdoor theater during Monday’s meeting.

President Dana Collins-Messex said the theater includes a 138-foot screen, a projector, sound system and movie rights – totaling $1,799. Initially, the plan was to purchase a screen, but there were projector compatibility issues. The cost to rent movies each time is $300 and a screen rental of that size is $299 each time.

She added the outdoor theater package will pay for itself in the long run by incorporating movies into upcoming events such as the children’s car show, Food Truck Fridays and more. By having the outdoor theater, the park board will be able to put on more events for children such as a game and trivia night.

“It’s just something that is going to be beneficial to provide different things for the kids,” Collins-Messex said. “We’re looking to do something fun once a month for the kids.”

The outdoor theater will debut at the children’s car show in May, according to Collins-Messex.

Soccer Association

During the meeting, the board also approved renovation plans to turn the baseball field at Evergreen into a soccer park. Collins-Messex said the park board has had a goal to turn the ball field at Evergreen into a soccer field for a while because the field is not used.

The association will voluntarily seed and level the ground, and put up a fence with approval from city code enforcers, she added.

“They eventually want to get a restroom and a concession stand going there,” Collins-Messex said.

She added that renovations to Evergreen Park will be a great success.

“We have a lot kids who are active in soccer and it’s just going to enable them to accommodate more kids and to bring more people over to our town to have soccer games,” she said. “Previously, they would have to go more so out of town to play soccer games and now it’s going to allow for there to be more games in town.”

With soccer association members volunteering their time and money for Evergreen, the board can focus on the all-abilities playgrounds project and Orchard Park restrooms, according to Collins-Messex.

“It helps us greatly because they’re stepping up to the plate to help and we really appreciate anybody who steps up to assist us with making things better for the citizens and the community through our parks,” she said.

“If everybody just works as a team, no matter the organization, the people, where they’re from, if we all just come together, we can make things happen.”

Additionally, the board approved a rental application for the soccer association to use the current field at Evergreen and Orchard parks for its soccer season.

Upcoming Events

Registration opened Monday for the children’s Power Wheels car and bike show. Applications can be found at city hall.

The St. Clair Parks Department will host a family fun day Saturday, May 11, from 2-6 p.m. at site of the former airport. The fun day will feature a power wheels car show, a bike show and races. A free movie will be shown after the races where trophies and medals will be awarded.

Pound classes will take place at Orchard Park this summer taught by Jennifer Gratzer with Priority Fitness. The classes would be held Saturday mornings from 8:30-9:30 starting in May through October.

The cost would be $30 for a 22-week session. Pound class involves cardio and weighted drumsticks while doing lunges and different movements.

Participants need to bring a yoga mat and a water bottle. People can buy class tickets at city hall.

A teen dance is coming up next month set for Friday, April 26, from 7-9 p.m. for those ages 13-16. Entry fee is $2 at the city hall gym. Drop off time is between 6:30-7:30 p.m. and doors will be locked from 7:30-9 p.m. Teens are able to leave during those times, but will not be allowed back in.