A new city website is set to launch at the start of 2018, according to City Administrator Travis Dierker.

During Monday’s Board of Aldermen meeting Dierker announced he is working with REVIZE, a design company that specializes in government websites, to update and modernize the city of St. Clair’s website.

In an interview after the meeting, Dierker said the new website will be more user-friendly and allow for staff to post updates and changes quicker.

“It’ll give the opportunity for me and other staff to make updates at any point in time. If there was a water leak right now, I’ll have the ability to log on my cellphone and make a change on the website,” Dierker said.

Dierker added they are working toward a mobile app, online bill pay, a community calendar, social media platforms, a citizen request center and more.

Posting meeting agendas and job applications and newsletters will also be much easier, according to Dierker. The city’s website will be separate from the Chamber of Commerce’s.

The new site will launch Jan. 1, 2018.