Posey and Racherbaumer

St. Clair Elementary’s new Assistant Principal RaNae Posey, left, moved to St. Clair from Texas. Principal Sande Racherbaumer was promoted when former principal Steve Weeks resigned.

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Assistant Principal Sande Racherbaumer at St. Clair Elementary has taken on the role as principal and RaNae Posey, from Texas, will be the new assistant principal in the wake of the previous principal’s resignation.

Former principal Steve Weeks took another position closer to his home in Warrenton, which shifted the chain of command at the elementary school.

Assistant Principal

Posey is from the Fort Worth area in Texas and has a total of 15 years in education, she said.

“I was assistant principal at an elementary school in Texas for one year and my husband got a job and moved us up here to Missouri,” Posey said.

“I was blessed enough to be hired on here at St. Clair Elementary.”

In addition to being an assistant principal, she added that she has taught first and second grades, and has been a technology specialist and a math curriculum specialist.

Some of her goals as the new assistant principal are to teach students to love learning.

“I would love for all of our students to leave St. Clair (Elementary) when they move up to Edgar (Murray Elementary) and be all on (a) reading level. That would be a great goal,” Posey said.

She and her husband have three boys and as a family enjoy being outdoors.

“We love doing outdoor type activities, so that’s one thing that we’re really excited about being in Missouri,” Posey said.


Sande Racherbaumer has spent her 17 years in education at St. Clair Elementary.

She started as a third-grade teacher for two years, a physical education teacher for 10 years, as well as a coach, and was the school’s behavior specialist before being the assistant principal for four years.

In 2012, Racherbaumer transformed the elementary’s in-school suspension room into a positive room called the opportunity room, she said.

“I’m kind of a different thinker and I do not really like the approach of a negative consequence. I wanted it to be something a little better than that,” Racherbaumer said.

One of her goals as principal is make sure learning is enjoyable for students.

“I’m a firm believer that kids have to want to come to school. You have to make learning fun because if kids don’t want to be here, they’re not going to learn,” Racherbaumer said.

Additionally, she said she wants parents to feel welcome at school.

“I want them to come in, rather it’s just to have lunch with their kid because they can’t ever get that time back, or it’s to come in and read to their child’s classroom,” Racherbaumer said.

Racherbaumer is a graduate of St. Clair High and has a bachelor’s degree in elementary education from Fontbonne University, and received a master’s degree in educational administration from Southwest Baptist University.