The St. Clair Park Board approved a new fall festival to replace Boo! Bash during a special meeting Tuesday.

Instead of the annual Boo Bash sponsored by the parks department, a new fall festival is set to take place Saturday, Oct. 28, at Orchard Park from 2-7 p.m. It will be a free event to the public and vendors sponsored by Roots Church.

“The whole point of our event is to bring the community together, and bring unity and positivity into the community,” Pastor Jason Gaszak said.

This event will feature vendors, live music, a pumpkin patch, crafts, hayrides, a chili cook-off, a 3-on-3 basketball match, a costume contest, candy and more, according to Gaszak. No alcohol will be allowed.

To mark the end of the event, community members will light up the sky by releasing lanterns. Gaszak said he hopes to make this a large annual event.

New Park Board President Dana Collins-Messex said Roots Church’s event proposal encourages community participation and a positive influence.

“It sounds like this festival is dedicated to leaving a positive impact to our community and everyone who will attend,” Collins-Messex said.

Since Boo! Bash has the same general concept as the Roots Church event, the park board voted to not have Boo! Bash this year. The park board will participate in the new event by having a booth.

With the event request forms, tax ID, nonprofit status forms and hold harmless forms provided for the board, Collins-Messex said Roots Church would need to submit fees and deposits, any additional insurance for other activities, a diagram of vendors prior to the event.

Roots Church will also provide their own cleanup after the event and port-a-potties, Collins-Messex said.

For more information about the event or to become a vendor, contact Roots Church at 636-629-3033.

The free movie in the park that was scheduled for Oct. 28 will be moved back to the third Saturday, Oct. 21.

Christmas Parade

The date for this year’s Christmas parade is set for Saturday, Dec. 2, at 6 p.m.

It was decided by the board to have “Spirit of Christmas” theme. The parade route will be the same starting at St. Clair High and ending at Evergreen Park.

After the parade, it was mentioned of incorporating caroling, hot chocolate and a bonfire at the amphitheater.


Additionally during the meeting, City Administrator Travis Dierker said the city is working with Wash PC to upgrade the city’s computer and phone line network.

The board of aldermen approved a motion to update the city’s network system at a June meeting.

The upgrade will allow for security cameras to be installed at the parks. Officers will be able to have access to those cameras at any point in time, he said.

“Hopefully we’ll be able to curb some of the vandalism that has occurred,” Dierker said.

Spray Park

The spray park will stay open until the end of September as long as the weather stays warm, Dierker said.

New Officers

The newly appointed park board officials:

President Dana Collins-Messex; Vice President Amanda Slater; Historian Jamie Frossard; Treasurer Nicole Wink; and Secretary Aney Dierker.