The St. Clair Missourian office will officially close Thursday, Aug. 15, however, news coverage will remain the same throughout the area.

St. Clair Missourian Editor Elizabeth Barmeier and Advertising Sales Representative Stephanie Fitzgerald will be conducting business out of the Union Missourian office alongside Union Editor Joe Barker and Advertising Sales Representative James Schwentker.

The Union office is located at 312 E. Locust St. The phone number is 636-583-7701.

Starting Wednesday, community members can leave press releases, photos and information in a basket that will be located at the St. Clair Scenic Regional Library. Please do not leave checks or payments of any kind in the basket.

The Missourian is still dedicated to providing news coverage for the city of St. Clair. The only change is that the physical office will no longer be open. Customers can conduct business online, over the phone or at the Union office.

The St. Clair editor can be reached at and for advertising, send an email to For questions, comments and concerns, contact the Washington office at 636-239-7701 or the Union office.

β€œThe office was closed due to very light traffic,” said Bill Miller Sr. of the Missourian Publishing Company.