The Lonedell R-XIV preschool program can participate in the average daily attendance (ADA) program thanks to a recent law.

Superintendent Jenny Ulrich said the district can now apply for the ADA program, which is funded by the state for its preschool.

Districts can get funds based on the attendance of students.

House Bill 1689 was passed during the 2014 legislative session and it included preschool attendance hours in the average daily attendance program.

“This year we’re able to receive some money for our preschool students, which is new,” Ulrich said.

Currently, the district receives $4,269 per student for average daily attendance. There are 213 students who are on the free and reduced lunch list.

For preschool, the district can receive up to 4 percent in the free and reduced lunch category of preschool students, which equals eight students.

“We’re hoping that is going to bring in around $22,000 of new revenue for our district,” she said. “That will be nice. We haven’t received it, you get paid on that throughout the year.”

Ulrich added that the preschool program will still have a deficit-spending budget. The district is not a part of the Missouri Preschool Project and it does not use Title 1 funds.

“The district locally funds that,” she said. “We don’t break even on that program at all, but we feel like that it is so important for our early childhood kiddos to have a place locally to attend preschool.”

Ulrich noted that the calculated increased income will help the district come close to not losing money on the preschool program.

“Every little bit helps. So, that was good news for our district,” she said.