The Lonedell R-XIV School Board voted to raise its tax rate by about four cents.

Superintendent Jenny Ulrich told The Missourian the board voted to set the tax rate at $3.9104 per assessed valuation.

The incidental or operating fund was set at $3.5634 and the debt service was set at $0.3470.

In 2016-17, the incidental fund was set at $3.5659 and the district had to lower it last year to $3.5189, according to Ulrich.

“This year we’re trying to gain some of the incidental fund back. We’re still not quite where we were in 2016-17, but we’re pretty close,” she said.

The increase will bring in about $17,217 more to the district, she added.

“It’s a pretty minor increase in public education,” she said. “Every bit helps, so that’s helping to fund teachers’ salaries.

For teacher salaries this school year, $500 was added to the base pay. Teachers also received a step on the salary schedule.

Noncertified staff received about a 3 percent raise, said Ulrich, who was the only one who will not to receive a raise.

Ulrich noted that the district is still deficit spending due to hiring campus security. The district has partnered with a consulting firm that will recruit, train and schedule off-duty police officers. One police officer is on campus at a time.

“The four cents sure helps us as we try to recoup where our levy was set back in 2016-17,” she said.

In July, the Lonedell School Board passed a $4.8 million operating budget for the 2018-19 school year.

The budget projects revenue of $4,765,120 and expenditures at $4,833,257, with a negative balance of $68,137.