Five facility projects are planned for this spring and summer at Lonedell R-XIV School District.

The board approved the projects at a recent meeting.

Superintendent Jenny Ulrich told The Missourian that the district’s well house needs to improvements. Upgrades include removing and replacing pipes and constructing a well house that has proper humidity controls.

The district also is moving forward with having lights installed on the north parking lot.

“This will be exciting for our community and to our parents and patrons,” said Ulrich, noting the north parking lot used to be a gravel surface. It was turned into an asphalt lot about two years ago.

“We’re finally at the place where we can now add the lighting to the project,” she said.

Floor tile asbestos will be abated in the upstairs hallway (by the board room) and down the ramp, the art room and the teachers’ lounge, according to Ulrich.

“We’re trying to get all of the old asbestos tile out of our building,” she said. “Although it doesn’t create a health risk, it’s just something that we’re required to have a plan in place.”

The superintendent added that the tile does not pose a health risk. Instead of abating and replacing, the tile could be coated with wax, as long as the asbestos is not exposed.

“We would rather abate it and replace (the tile) because a lot of it is aged and yellowing,” Ulrich said. “After we abate those, I believe we will be free of any asbestos tile and mastic in our building. We may some little bitty pieces here and there, but largely we have abated the majority of the asbestos in our building, so that’s exciting.”

Last summer, the front entrance was abated for asbestos. The flooring was constructed in the 1960s or 1970s.

“Every little bit of old tile that you could remove and update just adds a little bit more warmth and brightness to the building,” Ulrich said.

Another stall will be added to the fifth-grade boys bathroom located in the gray hallway to accommodate more students during breaks. There is only one stall in the bathroom right now and it is not sufficient for students, Ulrich said.

“We’re going to redesign the space so (another stall) fits in there a little bit nicer,” she said.

Storage will be completed for the clothing closet, which is also on the list of projects for the 2019-20 year, according to Ulrich. She added that some funds for the storage cabinet have been raised.

Even though school will be out of session this summer, the building will be buzzing with activity.

“Summertime is so, so busy every year. It’s exciting though because those are (projects) that you can see and touch and feel the change in the building,” Ulrich said. “Although it is a ton of work, I do enjoy the summer progress every year. It’s fun to see the upgrades to the building.”

The superintendent added that the students will notice the new changes when they return in the fall.

“Kids notice that stuff. It gives you a certain feeling when you’re in the building when it’s clean and upkept and updated. It feels different than if it’s old and dingy,” she said.

“I feel like we do a decent job of cleaning our building, but you can only do so much to a tile that’s faded and chipping.”