Improvements to Kitchell Avenue will happen in the near future as a federal road improvement agreement was approved by the St. Clair Board of Aldermen at a recent meeting.

The Kitchell Avenue project will include resurfacing the road, curbs and gutters from Main Street to Commercial Avenue, and adding sidewalks to both sides of the road. The city applied for a Surface Transportation Program (STP) grant to improve Kitchell Avenue with East-West Gateway last year.

Construction of the project will cost $373,769 and 80 percent will be covered by the grant. The city will have to pay for $74,754 plus engineering costs, according to City Administrator Travis Dierker. The project will take place in 2021.

In May 2017, the city was denied a third time for an STP grant for Kitchell Avenue because the application also included improvements to Commercial Avenue. Dierker added that the city submitted two separate applications for both projects last year. The Commercial Avenue project was not approved again by East-West Gateway.

The Commercial Avenue project proposal was to resurface the road from Bader Street to city hall at the first entrance of Paul Parks Drive.

The board voted 4-0 in favor of approving the road improvement agreement for Kitchell Avenue.

Paul Parks Drive

Construction work is continuing on the Paul Parks Drive and St. Clair Plaza sidewalk project, which started Monday, Aug. 19.

The project involves adding sidewalks and lighting on Paul Parks Drive starting at city hall and extending through Farmers & Merchants Bank plaza location.

The board of aldermen approved a bid from CE Contracting for $297,326.90 to do the project earlier this year. Approximately $220,000 of the project will be funded through a Surface Transportation Project (STP) grant, according to Dierker.

The city received five other bids including Don Maggi, Inc., for $298,646.13, K.J. Unnerstall for $317,233.00, Spencer Contracting for $366,952.76, Lamke Trenching & Excavating for $378,633.70 and Jokerst Paving for $397,998.76.

The sidewalk portion is scheduled to be completed by November and weather depending, paving of the roads will begin thereafter.