New plans have been made for the relocation and expansion of Roots Church.

Last year, plans were in the works for the church to move near the former site of the airport. The main campus would have been 37,000 square feet and seat about 700 people. Pastor Jason Gaszak said the church could save money and have a larger space by relocating to the former site of Steelweld Equipment Co.

He said the new location will be bigger and better with having a 55,000-square-foot building sitting on 27 acres of land. Interior and exterior design plans are in the works, according to Gaszak. The goal is to have them completed by April 1 with construction to begin in early spring.

“We’re re-purposing an old industrial building here in town that is right on the highway, that is going to have a really good look for St. Clair, instead of something that is run-down sitting vacant for years,” Gaszak said.

By relocating to the former Steelweld building, the church will save between $4-4.5 million, he said. In addition to cost savings, Gaszak added that this facility has entrances and exits already worked out.

The new campus will have an adult auditorium that will seat 800 people and a youth auditorium that will seat 250 people with a youth game room, according to Gaszak. The facility also will be able to accommodate children ages zero through fifth grade and children sixth grade through 12th grade.

There will be a cafe serving coffee and pastries six days a week, as well as administrative offices. Gaszak said in the future, the goal is to build a lake and walking trails.

“I’m looking forward to getting in to a space that we can be able to house more people,” Gaszak said. “Our mission is to take many people to heaven before we die.”

Currently, Roots Church is 8,000 square feet located at 335 North Commercial Ave.

“We’ve outgrown this space. We don’t have room for a lot of things that we’re trying to do and this will allow us to build more relationships and house more people who want to come here,” Gaszak said.

The new campus will “also give the availability to do more things in the community as far as being able to open our facility to potentially bring in concerts and different activities that maybe other businesses want to use our auditorium for and our space for,” he said.

Gaszak added that by not moving to the property by the former airport, this will give more opportunities for other developments to be built there in the future.

“It’s going to be better for us as a community because now that property over by the airport can be opened up for retail space or industrial, whatever they choose,” he said.

The plan is to have the new campus up and running in one year, according to Gaszak.

“Our church has been wanting (a bigger facility) for a long time and now we’re at that point where we’re going to be able to do that very shortly,” he said.