The board of aldermen Monday approved an engineering contract for work to be done on its wastewater treatment plant.

The contract is with Archer Elgin for wastewater engineering services is in the amount of $50,000. City Administrator Travis Dierker said upgrades to the wastewater treatment plant located on Highway AD, are required by the Missouri Department of Natural Resources (DNR).

Some upgrades include adding ultra violet bulbs and a new disinfection process and more, according to Dierker. He said the city has until January 2021 to complete the upgrades. The Archer Elgin will gather preliminary data that will be later combined into a report for DNR.

“This is the first of many other engineering service contracts that will probably come forward,” Dierker said.

The engineering services include a site tour and a study of the wastewater treatment plant, a review of prior plant reports and drawings, a review of an existing FEMA flood elevation map, a review of historical population and flow to establish a design basis;

A survey on a critical hydraulic elevations, a survey on the plant’s boundary and establish boundaries adjacent to the plant, a topographic survey of the plant, a conceptual sketch of the plant’s facilities, cost estimate of construction and project, to submit a preliminary engineer report to the city for review, and more.

The overall cost of the wastewater project will be in the “multimillion dollar” range, according to Dierker. A lot of cost will be determined in the first phase of the project.

The board voted 4-0 in favor of approving the contract with Archer Elgin for wastewater engineering services.

Additionally, the board approved a grant application with DNR. The grant would help pay for a firm to put together a report with information gathered by Archer Elgin. If the grant is approved, DNR would pay for 80 percent of the engineering service costs and the city will pay 20 percent.

“If there’s an opportunity to apply for a grant, we’re going to go ahead and take that opportunity if the board so wishes,” Dierker said.

The board voted 4-0 in favor of approving the grant application with DNR.

Aldermen Greg Talleur commended Dierker and the board for their work on seeking and applying for grants to help with the wastewater treatment project.

“People don’t really realize how difficult and pain staking that is (when applying for grants),” Talleur said.

“So every little bit of money that we can get from the government to reimburse ourselves is well needed.”