The St. Clair Fire Protection District responded to 128 less emergency calls last year compared to 2017, according to Chief Craig Sullivan.

The total number of emergency calls the district responded to were 1,708 last year. In 2017, the district responded to 1,836 calls.

The decrease in calls is due to the decline in the number of brush fires, residential fires and emergency medical service calls, according to information provided by Sullivan.

In 2018, firefighters responded to 33 structure fires, 24 vehicle fires, 42 brush fires, 192 vehicle accidents, 13 vehicle extrications, 236 canceled calls, 127 mutual aid assists to neighboring districts, 724 assists with St. Clair Ambulance District and 317 miscellaneous calls.

Miscellaneous calls include smoke in area calls, water rescues, power line down calls, fuel spills, controlled burns, illegal burns, accidental alarms sounding calls, assist the police calls, dumpster fires and trash fires, according to Sullivan.

Station 1 received 1,212 calls, Station 2 received 409 calls, Station 3 received 83 calls and Station 4 received four calls. There were no major commercial fires last year, Sullivan said, in addition to no fire fatalities and no major injuries to firefighters, Sullivan said.

The fire protection district covers approximately 240 square miles. The district is divided into four subdistricts. Station 1 is located in the St. Clair city limits, Station 2 is located in Lonedell, Station 3 is located off Highway K and Station 4 is located off Highway 47.

Sullivan said his goal for 2019 is to improve the fire district facilities and equipment.

“We have equipment that needs (to be) replaced. We still have some maintenance issues with some of the stations,” he said.

Additionally, Sullivan said that he wants to “step up” the district’s fire prevention program this year as well.

Past Years Stats

In 2017, St. Clair Fire Protection District responded to 125 more emergency calls than in 2016. The total number of emergency calls firefighters responded to were 1,836 in 2017. In 2016, there were 1,711.

Out of the total number of calls in 2017, 1,059 were fire service-related and 777 were emergency medical service and ambulance assist-related calls.

In 2016, the fire district responded to 722 emergency medical service-related calls and 989 fire service-related calls.

The flooding in May 2017 and the increased amount of brush fires due to the dry weather in the fall also contributed to the amount of calls the fire district received last year.

Station 1 received 1,147 calls, Station 2 received 351 calls, Station 3 received 85 calls and Station 4 received 39 calls for 2017.

In 2017, there were 37 structure fires, 27 vehicle fires, 80 brush fires and 24 controlled burns, according to Cooley. There were 165 motor vehicle accidents with/without injuries, there were 18 motor vehicle and water rescues and 777 medical and EMS assists.

Additionally, there were 250 dispatched and canceled en route calls, 60 false alarms/false calls, 71 calls for a move up or standby at a station for an outside agency, 73 calls for mutual aid to the scene to assist an outside agency, two hazardous material responses and 252 hazardous condition calls.