Stephanie Butenhoff

Stephanie Butenhoff won the director spot for the St. Clair Fire Protection District during Tuesday’s election.

She received 738 votes defeating opponent Jay Rice who received 278 votes. Outgoing Director Robin Jobe did not seek re-election.

Butenhoff, 49, grew up in Lonedell and lives there with her husband, Craig, who is a retired St. Charles firefighter. He also has been a St. Clair volunteer firefighter for 40 years, she said. Together they have two sons who are in college.

For the past 22 years, she has been working as an office manager for Heat and Control, formerly known as Spray Dynamics. Butenhoff said she ran for the director seat to help firefighters receive a retirement plan and benefits.

“We need something to offer them, and usually benefits and pay are those things,” she said.

With her experience in human resources, Butenhoff said she can bring her perspective and viewpoints to the board.

“Having worked in an office for 30-plus years, I see things a little differently because I have had to deal with our benefits packages (at Heat and Control) and the HR side of things, so I know how a lot of that goes,” Butenhoff said. “It’s a hard fight trying to make everybody happy.”

Making positive changes for firefighters, the fire district and the community are what she is looking forward to, Butenhoff said.

“I’m looking forward to hopefully doing great things for the fire protection district and the community,” she said. “I think it’s important that we retain good protection for all of our friends, family and neighbors.”

Upon winning the seat, Butenhoff said she was surprised and excited.

“I was very excited and eager to join the board members and the fire protection district. I was surprised and very excited about the opportunity I’ve been given,” she said.