A building was deemed dangerous by St. Clair aldermen during Monday’s second show-cause hearing.

City Attorney Kurt Voss said the building in question is located at 1285 Weatherford Ave.

On June 14, two letters were sent to two separate addresses associated with the owners, David and Cathy Garrison, about the hearing and what actions need to take place after the hearing. Voss said that each letter was returned to the city.

Notices about the building were also sent to the other interested parties in the building including Aames Funding Corporation, Midland Funding, LLC, and Moss Rentals, LLC.

Voss called City Building Inspector Jeremy Crowe to testify on on the condition of the building. Voss asked Crowe questions regarding the building.

The first notice sent to the owners was in April 2017 noting problems with the building. After no response, a second notice was sent this past March.

Voss asked Crowe if any corrective action was taken to fix the building. Crowe replied with no. Crowe then described the condition of the building.

“They’ve got floors that are rotted out, the roof was leaking, there’s many walls that are deteriorated, there’s holes on the siding and exposing plywood, which water came through,” Crowe said.

“There’s holes in the drywall inside, the interior plumbing is not up to code, many facilities aren’t present – it’s really in poor condition.”

Voss asked Crowe if he thinks that the building is dangerous to residents of St. Clair. Crowe responded with yes.

“Is it your professional opinion that the cost to repair the damage would exceed 50 percent of the value of the structure?” Voss asked.

“Yes,” Crowe said.

Voss asked Crowe if he thinks the building is at least 50 percent damaged from its original value. Crowe said yes. Voss asked if it is Crowe’s opinion that the building can not be repaired.

“There’s a possibility, but at quite a bit of expense. It’s not worth it,” Crowe said.

Voss asked if anyone has attempted to repair the building and if any repairs have been made since the first notice was sent. Crowe said no.

Voss asked if it is Crowe’s professional opinion that the building should be demolished. Crowe said yes.

“You believe it is dangerous to the public health, safety and welfare of the citizens of St. Clair?” Voss asked.

“Yes, it is,” Crowe replied.

Finally, Voss asked if the building is a nuisance. Crowe said yes. Mayor Ron Blum asked if the owners or interested parties are present and if they would like to speak. No one came forward or spoke.

“I find that the building is dangerous and we should send notice,” Blum said.

A notice regarding the findings from the show-cause hearing will be sent to the owners and to the interested parties.

Once the letter is sent, the owners and/or interested parties have 30 days to fix or demolish the building themselves, according to City Administrator Travis Dierker.

If the building is not fixed or demolished within that time, the board will move forward with getting bids to demolish it with a tax lien on the building.

The board voted 3-0 in favor of designating the building as dangerous.

Correction: In weekend edition, the owners' last name was incorrect. The Missourian regrets this error.