St. Clair’s boil water advisory is not only impacting households, but also businesses and restaurants.

Tim Hensley, co-owner of Country Mart, said the store sold 10 times more water than usual this past week.

“We’ve sold a lot to the school plus other businesses in town,” Hensley said.

He added that the store ran low on certain water brands, but since the boil advisory was issued, the store has received extra shipments.

As of Thursday, Country Mart had eight pallets of water ready for customers, according to Hensley. The store received more pallets Saturday.

One pallet equals approximately 120 cases of water depending on the size of bottles. To keep produce fresh, Hensley said employees have been using gallon jugs of water.

“We’re still able to keep business going, but we’re just having to use basically bottled water to wash everything with,” he said.

Country Mart cannot sell fountain drinks or coffee in the deli section, which are popular items with customers, according to Hensley.

“They can buy bottles of soda, it’s right across the aisle from there, but a lot people like the fountain soda,” he said.

Hensley added that the health department has been in the store and have given tips with keeping the store clean.

“I just want to let everybody know we’re going through extra precaution with sanitizing,” he said.

Lewis Cafe

Daniel Short, co-owner of Lewis Cafe, said the boil advisory has cost the restaurant about $850 so far for water, soda and ice.

“It’s a learning experience too. It kind of makes you appreciate the water,” he said. “I’m sure the city is doing everything they can.”

Short added that the boil advisory is something that he and the employees “are dealing with.”

“We’ll appreciate the water more when we have it,” he said.

Casey’s General Store

Matt Knight, manager of Casey’s General Store, said the boil advisory has affected the convenience store “a little bit.”

“It’s not a huge inconvenience,” he said.

The store has not been able to sell coffee or fountain drinks, which are favored items, according to Knight.

“What we don’t make in coffee, we’ll make up in bottled drinks and water,” he said.

Knight added that the store has sold an “enormous amount of water.” As of Wednesday, Casey’s had sold out of bottled water, but received another shipment Friday.

Casey’s sells mainly single bottles of water and only a number of cases, according to Knight. Under the advisory, the store still is able to sell food products.

“We’re actually going and buying bottled water from other places so we can continue around the kitchen,” Knight said.

He added that customers are understanding of the situation.