After a very successful first season, City Administrator Rick Childers said the final day the St. Clair Spray Park will be open this year is Monday, Sept. 30.

“The city is very glad to have been able to keep the facility open during the warmer weather in September,” he said during Monday’s board of aldermen meeting. “We’d like to remind everyone that the spray park will reopen the week prior to Memorial Day next spring.”

Originally, the facility was scheduled to close around Labor Day, but a heat wave allowed the park to remain open and used throughout the month.

Attendance figures were not kept during the year, but on many days, especially when the temperature would reach the 90s, the spray park was packed.

On some days, dozens of children used the facility at the same time.

Franklin County’s first spray park opened in St. Clair as scheduled just before Memorial Day in May.

Last December, St. Clair’s board of aldermen approved the $290,000 price tag for Westport Pools to construct the splash pad on the former site of the community pool in Evergreen Park on Park Drive.

Westport’s design featured 21 deck-level and five above-ground structural features that are divided into three areas — toddler, grade school and early teens. Benches, shade areas and restrooms were built.

The spray features consist of various jets, including a noodle tower, mist tunnel and tsunami spray, and three water cannons.

The community swimming pool was removed last year after being used for about 50 years.