The smell emanating from an active methamphetamine lab led to the arrest of four people at a home in the Stanton area late Saturday night.

A Franklin County deputy was on patrol in the area around Highway JJ and Acid Mine Road, north of Interstate 44, about 11:43 p.m. when he smelled a chemical odor associated with a meth lab. He and other deputies began searching the area for the source of the odors.

They traced the smell to a home and when they went inside they found the suspects in the process of cooking meth, the sheriff’s office reported.

The four suspects included two men, ages 65 and 50, and two women, ages 51 and 58, all from the Sullivan area. They were not identified because they have not been charged.

Warrants will be sought after chemicals and other components seized are analyzed at the Missouri State Highway Patrol lab.

Sullivan firefighters were called to the scene to assist in decontamination of the suspects, the sheriff’s office said.

Members of the Franklin County Narcotics Enforcement Unit also responded to dismantle and remove the methamphetamine lab.