St. Clair R-XIII is eyeing its 2014-15 budget.

As the St. Clair R-XIII School District Board of Education decides on how to proceed with making ends meet as far as revenue and expenses over the next couple of years, information provided by Superintendent Mike Murphy put together a breakdown on how the district plans to spend the money it receives during the next academic year.

Murphy provided the numbers during a budget workshop conducted at the end of March.

The superintendent said as much as $1 million or more may need to be sliced from the district’s budget during the next two academic years — 2014-15 and 2015-16. He and his administrative team have proposed a two-phase plan that targets cutbacks that include teacher and staff position resignations and cuts, program eliminations and other items.

The projected 2014-15 budget totals about $19.59 million, which is significantly lower than in previous years. The reason is two-fold — a decrease in local assessed valuation and a gradual decline in enrollment that affects per-pupil dollars from the state.

Final numbers won’t be available until later this spring.

The R-XIII board of education plans to continue discussing the matter on Thursday during its regular board meeting at 8 p.m. in the central office on Bardot Street. The school district did not provide an agenda for the meeting to The Missourian by Tuesday’s press deadline.

The district’s budgetary cycle runs from July 1 to June 30.

Budget Breakdown

The provided budget breakdown showed that about 56 percent of R-XIII’s estimated 2014-15 budget will be spent on instruction. That includes salaries for teachers, special education, athletics, clubs and other student-centered items.

The remaining 44 percent is everything else, including capital projects, plant operations, debt payments, transportation and salaries for superintendents and principals.

Murphy broke down the district’s estimated expenses by areas, including instruction level.

Elementary spending, which includes both the elementary and Edgar Murray schools, is projected at $3.09 million, or about 15 percent of the overall budget.

Specifically, the figure includes teacher salaries of more than $2 million in the two buildings, teacher retirement, Medicare, medical insurance benefits, textbooks and supplies.

At the middle school level, which includes the same kind of spending, the expense estimate is $1.46 million, or about 7 percent of the overall estimated budget. Teacher salaries account for more than $1 million of that total.

At St. Clair High School, about $2.5 million is the projected expense for 2014-15, which is just over 12 percent of the overall expense report.

Teacher salaries, at about $1.5 million, account for about 60 percent of that total. The SCHS money also includes extracurricular things such as band, music and drama.

Summer school accounts for about 2 percent of the overall total while gifted and special education tack on another 13 percent.

Student activity expenses only add up to about $250,000, or 1.23 percent of the overall total. Club expenses add another $90,000 to the mix, or about a half of a percent.

On the noninstruction side, one of the largest expenses is executive and administrative, which includes salaries for superintendents, principals and building office staff. That accounts for about 8.5 percent of the overall expenses, or about $1.7 million.

In the salary area, the three superintendents and nine building principals make an almost combined $1 million.

Plant operations, which include maintenance, adds up to about 10.5 percent of the overall total, or $2.16 million.

Transportation checks in at 4.5 percent or almost $1 million while district debt bond payments account for 4.2 percent at $865,000.

The guidance area expenses add up to about 1.79 percent of the overall total, or $368,000; technology and capital expenses get almost 1.5 percent each at about $300,000, and media services add 1.27 percent at $262,000.