The city’s building inspector’s office is closing in on already collecting as much money for permits in 2013 as it did for the entire 2012 calendar year.

According to records from that office, St. Clair has received $13,719.16 for building permits through July. In 2012, the total for the year was $15,878.05.

Included in the 2013 permits are two for new home construction on North Lay Street. Last year, one new home was built in the city.

In addition, there have been 11 commercial interior remodels and eight residential interior remodels so far this year. In 2012, those totals were eight and three, respectively.

New commercial building construction also is ahead of last year. In 2012, there were four permits issued in that category. So far this year there have been five.

“There has been an increase of commercial and residential remodels and additions compared to last year, and new construction has stayed about the same,” Building Inspector Jeremy Crowe told The Missourian. “Our permit numbers so far this year are encouraging.”

Last year, 151 permits were issued within the city limits. So far this year, the number is 120.

Other “highlights” include three new storage buildings permitted and coming for St. Clair Storage, the expansion of the St. Clair McDonald’s restaurant, the new Sinks Pharmacy built on the city’s north side where the old Hardee’s was located and the proposed 100,000-plus-square-foot warehouse being built in the Wagner Industrial Park by River’s Edge Products Inc.

This year’s permit numbers include 20 for sewer excavations; 11 for air-conditioning replacement; 11 for commercial interior remodels; 10 for water excavations; eight for fences; seven for residential interior remodels; six for residential exterior remodels; and five for commercial exterior remodels, new commercial construction and residential electrical upgrades.

In 2012, water excavations topped the list for the year with 16 followed by 14 sewer excavations, nine permits for fences and eight for residential interior remodels and residential electrical upgrades and seven air-conditioning replacements.

Through July of last year, there were 12 water excavations, 11 sewer excavations, seven air-conditioning replacements and five commercial interior remodels and five permits for fences.

Overall permit numbers were up in 2012 when compared to 2011.

Crowe said permit numbers increased by 43 from two years ago to last year. A total of 151 building permits were issued in 2012.

The one new permit for a single-family dwelling last year was at 704 Gracie Way.