Two familiar faces and one new one will sit on the Lonedell R-XIV Board of Education after residents of that school district made their choices on who should represent them for at least the next three years.

Four individuals filed for three board positions. A total of 554 ballots were cast on Tuesday.

Current board members Brad Rucker and Maureen Lindsey were re-elected. Newcomer Jason Bailey will replace Steve Heideman, who opted not to seek another term.

The trio should take the oath of office later this month during the board’s April meeting.

“I want to say thanks to everyone who voted,” the 36-year-old Bailey said. “And I want to assure everyone that the school and community is my priority. I am very excited to have a more active roll in our school district.

“We have something really great out here, and I want that to continue.”

Lindsey also thanked everyone who voted, and also extended congratulations to Bailey and Rucker.

“I look forward to working with the board members again,” she said. “I feel we are focusing on the right things as a board. ... I am excited about another term at Lonedell School.”

Rucker could not be reached for comment this week.

Rucker and Bailey received the same vote total on Tuesday at 157. Lindsey got 124 votes. The fourth candidate, Travis Corwin, received 112 votes in the relatively close election.

The percentages worked out to be 28.3 for both Rucker and Bailey, 22.4 percent for Lindsey and 20.2 percent for Corwin.

At the polls, voters were asked to select three of the four.

Lonedell has four precincts.

“I’d like to congratulate Mrs. Lindsey, Mr. Rucker and Mr. Bailey on their election to the Lonedell R-XIV school board,” Superintendent Jen Ulrich said. “I’d also like to thank Mr. Corwin for his interest in the position as well. All four candidates are dedicated individuals and heavily involved in the Lonedell community and school district.

“I am looking forward to working with those elected for the continued success and betterment of our district. I would like to thank them for their willingness to serve our community and our children.”


The three elected individuals told The Missourian prior to the election that they believe the R-XIV school district has a lot going for it.

“Our school district is in great shape today,” the 42-year-old Lindsey said. “I feel the board works well with the administration in order to continue our success.”

“Lonedell has been successful with the achievements of our students and the improvements to our facilities in the last several years,” the 38-year-old Rucker said. “These successes can be continued and expanded.”

“I feel we are very blessed to be part of this school district,” Bailey said. “Our teachers and staff are among the best around. ... I hope to make sure that continues.”

After the election, Bailey told The Missourian that there won’t be anything specifically he will focus on, “except learning everything our district is facing so I can make decisions in the best interests for our kids.”

When asked prior to the election what the priorities should be for the district, the students and finances were mentioned.

“Each of the children must be prepared for high school with education and also with social skills necessary for success,” Rucker said. “The district can have a critical role in helping our students become productive members of the community in whatever path they choose.

“Another priority for the district has to be the safety and security of the children in its care. These priorities must be achieved while being financially responsible to the taxpayers.”

“I feel the top priority for Lonedell R-XIV is or should be to do what is best for our students,” he said.

Lindsey stated that the priority for the district is to “continue to look for ways to save money.”

She also told The Missourian this week that, “I will do my best to continue our path to a better education and better school.”